Oct 20, 2009

saye seorang pelajar tahun akhir material engineering

said s.y.a.m.i.m.i.e at Tuesday, October 20, 2009
assignment opto-dh anta(20/10)
presentation ndt-dh present td(20/10)
presentation osha-pon dh slesai td(20/10)
proposal fyp - dh submit td(20/10)

coming up next
test polymer-esok(21/10)
talk & repot opto-esok gak(21/10)
test opto(22/10)

nex week dh study week.
wek after......
dh stat xm

final xm
occupational safety n health (2/11)
applied metallurgy (3/11)
non destructive test (6/11)
optoelectronic n devices (10/11)
technical ceramic (16/11)
application and technology of engineering polymer (17/11)

pas xm xtau la smpat cuti ke x!!!
sebab dh nak stat fyp lak..

1 others said on "saye seorang pelajar tahun akhir material engineering"

bspotgurl on October 21, 2009 at 7:56 AM said...

uikk, bz nye die.....
All the BEST yea


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